Our Story

Every couple’s story has its beginning.  Whether it was love at first sight or not, it’s how your journey began together.  Similar to our clients, we have our very own story too…

Julisse Levy decided to venture out into a new journey and start a wedding planning business, and in 2008 “A Bride’s Nature” was launched.  She needed a similar counterpart and knew exactly who to go to…. the one and only Amy Kladis!  For several years, Julisse and Amy planned/coordinated weddings all over the Tampa Bay area, finding the time between their busy lives to manage the successful business.  A few years ago, we both started our own families and together we have 4 children under the age of 6!

Coincidentally, the business slowed down during that time but in 2014 Amy made the decision to re-launch the business full time, allowing her to have a flexible schedule that worked around her 2 kids.  Of course, Amy partnered back up with Julisse Levy (why mess up a well-oiled machine?) and her third baby, Glitz Events, was born!  Our buzz for the new company was the talk of the town and with weddings quickly being booked, Amy knew she needed one more person on her team.    She needed to carefully pick someone she trusted.  She turned to her childhood friend, Tara Stewart, to assist her and Julisse.  Given our marketing expertise and background, Amy was fully confident that Tara would be an asset to our brand! Tara is friendly, creative, and although she is a full time kindergarten teacher, her classroom management skills come in handy when dealing with those crazy, unruly groomsmen ;)

Now that Amy had a strong team she was certain would Brightly Shine, she needed to begin the business aspect of things, including the website and marketing materials.  Since they were disconnected from the industry for a short period of time, Glitz Events needed updated pictures that showcased its brand and potential.  As always, we turned to an awesome group of vendors to help make our vision become reality.  That team included Blue Lane Studios, Tufted Vintage Rentals, Kate Ryan Linens, Northside Florist, Chefin Parties, Divine Designs, and Collective Creations.  Check us out having some fun at our company marketing shoot!

And that, my friends, is how Team Glitz came to life!