Jenny + Mike's Siesta Key Wedding: PART ONE

Although I'm still not sure if I pronounce her new last name correctly, there is one thing I am sure of....the love between these two is REAL!  Not only are Mike and Jenny both fun and loving people, they surround themselves with others who are the same.  Complete with a real ball and chain, this wedding is one party the Glitz Team will not forget!  Check our Jenny's advice to other brides and thank you Red Canary Photography for the amazing photos.


Why did you choose that location for your wedding?  

 The scenery, the ability to stay onsite with our wedding party and the fact that we could choose our own vendors!


Wedding Day Weather?   

Beautiful! Perfect! I feel like we were so lucky with the weather.


What was your theme for your wedding?   

Simple but elegant.


Biggest Splurge?   

The dress!


Biggest Savings?   

The booze! Cristina at UDream Events was amazing to us. We got everything we wanted and even some upgraded items for a great price.


What was your favorite part of the reception?  

The dancing!


What are three things you’re super glad you did?   

Had my "day of" coordinators, I don’t know how people do it without,  got a band instead of a DJ. Loved our band  One Mile Final, and paid a little more than we had budgeted for the photographer that I really wanted.


What was the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?   

Getting everything done craft-wise! I thought it was going to be a breeze but there was a lot of little stuff left when we got to Siesta Key (three days before the wedding!). I had a lot of help in the nights leading up to the wedding from friends and family and then Glitz Events went above and beyond to pull everything together the day of!


What is your best piece of advice to other brides?  

I think it’s important to realize that a wedding is a big production with lots of important people around and that it’s okay to be a little stressed (if you are). I thought I’d be floating around on a cloud but that’s just not my personality when it comes to important things! Once I talked to my maid of honor, Amy and Tara about how I was feeling, I realized that it was okay to feel like I did and then I immediately relaxed and had an amazing time! 

I'll be sharing the rest of Mike & Jenny's wedding photos in a few weeks.....stay tuned for that ball and chain!