Janet + Mason: LOVE STORY

Mason and I went to a small private high school where EVERYONE knew EVERYTHING about EVERYONE!  We started hanging out through some mutual friends and one of those mutual friends was my little brother.  At this point, I had graduated from high school and Mason had not…..yes, I know but I am a country girl at heart so when a handsome guy takes me mudding in his Ford truck, I was pretty much sold from that point on.

Our first official date was around Christmas time.  We went to the movies and then walked around the infamous "Rawls Road" Christmas display.  It was BEAUTIFUL but I couldn’t help to wonder what our official title was.  Later that night, as Mason was leaving, my question was answered.  He said “if anyone asks, you are my girlfriend"  haha….done!

Our relationship has always been quite the adventure with many ups and downs.   We most definitely would not still be together if we had not found the joy and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our lives have dramatically changed over the past year since making the decision to stop just calling ourselves Christians and start striving to live the way a Christ follower should.  That can be very hard… we definitely mess up on a daily basis.

We have been together for over four years now and marriage was always a topic, but finances never seemed stable enough for it to be a reality.  One day we had decided to look at rings just to get an idea of what Mason would need to save...that was in August.  We found the most beautiful, unique ring I have ever seen!  About 9 months later, Mason and I went out to Safety Harbor and had an amazing dinner…the night was perfect!  We were walking back to the car when he asked if we could stop at the town gazebo. This gazebo looks like it belongs in a fairytale!  Although I was being a pain in the butt and wanted to go home, we stopped anyway.  As we stood there, all of a sudden I heard music beginning to play.... I started to look around and saw there were cute little bags with tea lights lying on the ground.  I thought, hmmmmm, that’s strange…. all of the other times we had been there I had never seen those or heard music.  A few seconds later, our family and friends come out of nowhere with sparklers and surrounded the gazebo.  The music suddenly stopped, Mason got down on one knee, and pulled out that same beautiful ring from his sock.... He asked me the most wonderful question in the world….Janet, will you marry me?  I said OF COURSE!  

I am beyond excited to marry Mason Cain and spend the rest of our lives growing together!