Janet + Mason's Wedding in the Woods: PART ONE

For those who personally know me, know that one of my favorite parts of a wedding is the decor.  So when Janet first told me about her vision, I was ecstatic...Bring on the chandeliers, crystals, and glitter!  Combine this with the beautiful, natural scenery of the woods and it is a recipe for GORGEOUSNESS!  The wedding began with a surprise from the bride to the groom that gave me goosebumps...Janet sang to Mason as she walked down a natural aisle of pine trees to meet her handsome groom.  These two souls became one under a grand oak tree with crystals hanging everywhere.  Complete with a unity cross, guests singing Amazing Grace in chorus, a group selfie, and a prayer circle, this wedding was compacted with personal and "intimate" touches....as intimate as you can get with over 250 guests :)  Take a look at Janet's advice for other brides and the breathtaking images taken by Blue Lane Studios...

Why did you choose that location for your wedding?

I always wanted to get married in the woods.  Our amazing friend, Pastor Jake English, had the most beautiful piece of property and it was perfect!

Number of guests that attended?

Around 270

What was your theme/color scheme for your wedding?

Rustic Glam…blush & gold

Where did you find your inspiration?

Of course Pinterest was a big contender.  I mostly saw things that would inspire me to make a plan with the vendor to come up with a unique design or arrangement.

Biggest Splurge?

Let’s see…. I would say the décor… I had a pretty specific vision for the ceremony and it was perfect!

Biggest Savings?

Biggest savings was having my wonderful Wedding Planner Amy there to tell me what I really did or did not need!

How did you choose to personalize your wedding?

I wanted to have a unique wedding.  From the bridesmaid dresses, to the groomsmen's boutonnieres, to the crystal hanging from the tree…those were all part of my vision.  I think the most personal thing we had was writing our own vows, having our bridal party and their significant others sit with us, and using a gorgeous unity cross to signify joining together in marriage with God as our forefront.

What was your favorite part of the reception?

The décor!  Oh my goodness, it was gorgeous!  We had our initials hanging in moss with four beautiful chandeliers lighting up the feasting table.  

What are three things you’re super glad you did?

1 - I am extremely glad I had my bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done with me.  That way I did not have to worry about a thing.  Everyone was ready on time thanks to Amy and the amazing team at Creative Collections.  2 - I am super happy I hired Amy Kladis! Oh my gosh I cannot imagine trying to figure out how many rectangle/circle tables we need... how many plates…the logistics of the whole entire day... talking to every single vendor about every single thing.  Making sure the boys were in line (now that is a job in of itself).  Most of all she made my vision come true and more!  3 - I am super ecstatic I finally got to marry the man of my dreams, Mason Cain!

What was the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Honestly, I can’t remember there being any big challenges….The challenge of walking in heels in the woods was overcome with those neat little “high heelers”!

How did you find and choose your vendors?

With the help of Amy, my Wedding Planner, and the recommendations from Blue Lane Studios, our awesome photographer company!

What is your best piece of advice to other brides?

Hire a wedding planner!  Just do it!  You save money, you save your sanity, and you save everyone else a lot of hassle.  Really take time to think about where you want to take pictures and the groupings of people.  I wish I spent more time on this part.  Do a first look!  It is still just as magical and nerve racking walking down the aisle after a first look.   I would also take it all in, walk around and look at the ceremony space and reception space and admire all the beauty...I wish I did that.

We leave you with this beauty... stay tuned for part two... coming soon!

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