Betty + Kai: LOVE STORY

While Kai was attending college in Orlando, Betty was living in Sanford with her roommate Jason who was good friends with Kai’s friend, Neal.  At the same time, Betty was dating a guy who was good friends with the girl that Kai was dating….But Betty and Kai still hadn’t met each other….not for two whole years!  They were finally introduced by their mutual friends while hanging out in Winter Park.  Although Betty moved across the country, they kept in touch over the years.

At the end of Kai’s senior year at the University of Florida, Betty decided to move back and drove from Nevada all the way to South Florida.  She stopped by Kai’s apartment on the way to rest.  Being the gentleman that he is, Kai offered to sleep on the couch so Betty could have a good night’s rest in a bed after her long drive.  Two weeks later, Betty came back to Gainesville for a visit and they finally went on their first date.  Since then, they have spent 8 years together and were ready for the next step of their journey….the proposal!

Kai and Betty both enjoy travelling and have been to a lot of places together, so Kai knew that his proposal had to be special and must involve travel.  It was also very important to him that some of Betty’s family be nearby so that she would have people to be excited with too.  Since Betty always loved Seattle, they planned a trip to visit her brother Skot and his family.  Little did Betty know that Kai had some different plans for this particular trip.  After spending time with family and friends for a few days, they rented a car and took a road trip to a German-style mountain-town called Leavenworth.  On their first night there, they went for a walk through a valley where there was a path down by a stream.  As they passed over a bridge, Betty stopped to look at the sunset.  This was perfect timing! Kai got down on one knee and waited for her to turn around.  It took a couple of minutes, but Kai was very patient.  Betty finally turned around and was so surprised! After she said yes, they hugged each other but the moment was quickly interrupted. Betty saw a raccoon on the other side of the river and yelled, “Look, a raccoon!”  Even though the raccoon kind of stole his thunder, Kai was ok with it.  Both are looking forward to their wedding and so are we!

Photo credits to Cat Pennenga Photography