Betty + Kai's Rustic Powel Crosley Wedding: PART ONE

When I left my first meeting with Betty and Kai, my cheeks were on fire from laughing so much!  Not only did I love Betty's sassiness, I loved how Kai completely understood her and was there with us through the whole wedding planning process.  This beautiful lavender french country inspired wedding started off steamy hot but by the end of the night (and a little trivia), everyone was on the dance floor and didn't seem to mind the 90 degree temperatures.  An abundance of candles, organic foliage, lavender and a touch of blush fit perfectly in the chosen venue.   Don't take my word for it, take a look at the amazing photos by Cat Pennenga accompanied by Betty's advice to other brides... 


Why did you choose that location for your wedding?

We chose the Powel Crosley Estate because wanted a venue that had a Mediterranean look. We also wanted a venue that was more private and we wanted a venue that was located not too far away from our family that still live in Florida.

Wedding Day Weather?

For months prior to the wedding I kept saying I don’t care how hot it is on the day of our wedding as long as it doesn’t rain during the wedding (since our wedding was mostly outdoors).  Well, on the day of our wedding I got my wish.  It didn’t rain, but it was so hot that day everyone was melting.

Number of guests that attended?

We had somewhere around 90-100 guests at our wedding.

What was your theme for your wedding?

Our theme was a Rustic French Lavender theme. We wanted to feel like we were in Provence, France. We had lots of lavender and olive branches.

Where did you find your inspiration?

I’m a fan of lavender, olive branches and farm tables and the color purple. So I would spend hours on google typing in stuff like “lavender themed wedding” or “ Provence lavender wedding theme” trying to get some ideas or spend tons of time on Pinterest pinning stuff that I liked.

Biggest Splurge?

I guess I would have to say that our biggest splurge was the wedding venue. The Powel Crosley was the type of venue that we were looking for and we fell in love with it as soon as we saw it.

Biggest Savings?

One of the biggest savings were our invitations. I really wanted invitations that were letterpress, but those are usually pretty pricey. We also wanted a custom map of the area for our guests. We got a Black Friday deal from A&P Design Co for 20% off our entire invitation order so we were able to get letterpress invitations and a custom map for our guests with the discount.

How did you choose to personalize your wedding?

We go to trivia every week with our friends and we’ve gotten to know Monica Van Liew (the woman that hosts trivia) pretty well, so we asked her to be the DJ at our wedding. We also thought it would be a fun idea if she asked some trivia questions during dinner so we made up some trivia questions about us for her to ask our guests.

What was your favorite part of the reception?

Getting to hang out with everyone that we care about and love in one place at the same time was pretty great.

What are three things you’re super glad you did?

We are so glad that we hired the vendors that we hired. We had an amazing wedding planner Amy Kladis from Glitz Events. We are so happy that we chose Cat Pennenga as our photographer, she takes such great pictures and she is super sweet and fun, but also very professional at her job. And lastly, the caterers at Olympia Catering did such an outstanding job with the food. It tasted just as amazing as the day we did the tasting with them. We had so many friends and family members tell us afterwards how much they loved the food at our wedding. Without any them our day wouldn’t have been as memorable as it was.

What was the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Finding a good caterer that wasn’t extremely expensive, but still had really good food within our budget. After we hired our wedding planner Amy, we told her about our challenge with finding a good caterer that would fit our budget. She recommended Olympia Catering because she had used them at her wedding and loved them. We are so glad she recommended them because they were perfect for us.

What is your best piece of advice to other brides?

Wedding planning can be pretty overwhelming at times, but it’s also pretty fun. Plan your wedding the way you and your future husband want it, don’t worry about what everyone else tells you, you should do. And when the big day comes, just enjoy it because before you know it, it’s over in a blink of an eye.

Stay tuned for part two of this beauty.....