Caitlin + Vince: LOVE STORY

Caitlin & Vince first met through a mutual friend, Todd, in college.  Todd and Vince were in engineering classes together and Todd's mission for the year was to show that engineers can be social!  He invited Vince over for a party in the dorms.  Caitlin was also invited, but did not know it was for a party...she came over dressed in sweatpants thinking everyone was just hanging out.  Despite that, Vince and Caitlin struck up conversation and learned that they were not only from the same hometown of Clearwater, but grew up less than 5 miles away from each other, were both in the catholic school system, both involved in high school theater and frequented many of the same places in town.  A few texts and hang outs later, they were officially dating.  

Five years later, Vince was ready to propose.  Caitlin and Vince have been traveling the world one country at a time, and it had become a huge part of the relationship.  As they started to plan their  trip to Peru, he knew that it would be the perfect time to pop the question. Leading up to the trip, Vince was very nervous but he knew this would be the proposal that Caitlin had always wanted.

The trip began in Cusco, Peru, where they were getting ready for a four day Inca Trail hike.  With the ring box in his pocket (checking every two seconds), and not knowing when the perfect time would be, he eagerly and nervously waited until the second day of the trek. Proving to be the hardest day, they came to a rest stop that was too picturesque to pass up!  As the group took a break, Vince told Nicole (the maid of honor) "Get ready because this is where it is happening."  As everyone began to take pictures, he turned to Caitlin, got down on one knee and asked "Will you marry me?" Caitlin said "Of course I will."  Now they are ready to take on the adventure of becoming travel buddies for life!

Photo credits to Ashlee Nicole Photography