Amy Kladis Owner / Wedding Planner

After graduating from the University of South Florida with a Business in Marketing degree, Amy Kladis decided she wanted to combine her creativity with her love for special events.  Along with a teaching certificate, she has a creative mind that brings forth fresh and amazing ideas.  Often being accused of being a perfectionist, Amy directs her passion for perfection into everything she does from logistics to design.  She is detail oriented and believes that the details are what set apart ordinary events from remarkable events.  Amy will make sure every detail is executed with creativity and of course STYLE! Megan Trainor may think it's all about that bass but Amy thinks it's all about the details! 







Julisse Levy Wedding Planner

Julisse Levy prides herself in having outstanding organizational skills as well as her creative ability to transform a wedding vision into a reality.  She began planning sorority functions in college, and continued coordinating events in the corporate field.  Julisse earned her B.A. at the University of South Florida in Communication specializing in Interpersonal and Organizational Studies.  She also completed training in professional development courses earning her USF "Meeting and Event Planner" certification.  Julisse's passion and experience in the wedding industry assures that she will put her every effort into making your day truly extraordinary.  Julisse charms herself in being charismatic, outgoing, punctual, original, organized, and fun!!  







Tara Stewart Wedding Planner Assistant

Tara is the newest member of Team Glitz.  Tara is a creative, detail oriented, and caring kindergarten teacher with an eye for style and anything FABULOUS!  She takes her creativity and outgoing personality to add a sprinkle of glitz to any event.  Tara earned her B.A. in Business in Marketing and extended her education into Elementary Education.  Tara has been touching the lives of her students for 8 years and looks forward to doing the same for your next event.